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Having grown up
surrounded by my
mother’s unique and
impressive creations for
various professional, community and
friend’s projects (life-sized elephants, school
mascots, stage scenery, props and costumes for school plays—the list is endless), I wanted to pass on some of that creative ingenuity to her only granddaughter, Waverly. Seeing a costume or set takes on new meaning when you actually see it designed and manufactured. Halloween provided a good impetus to create something for love and with a deadline!

As the years go by, Waverly’s Halloween costume projects have evolved into an event at our house—from the humble beginnings of a Minnie Pearl hat at age 1+ to the technologically elaborate and battery-powered “neon” cat of 2007. Discussions and sketches start the day after each Halloween, long before all the candy has been consumed. It often takes the better part of a year to arrive at tripartite consensus and then we have to budget time for construction. Following is a retrospective of Waverly’s costumes through the years for your viewing pleasure.